We aim to solve everyday problems with affordable technologies to make life easier

Music & Entertainment

We at Softvision are highly focused on developing new and or improving already existing technologies to help improve the entertainment industry. In our first phase, we have developed raadyo. raadyo’s mission is to empower artists to showcase their music to their fans. Meanwhile letting fans to get in touch to music from their favorite artists with ease. For more information on raadyo www.raadyo.com/about

Web Solutions & App Development

We are well-versed in all web-related technologies and we value security, flexibility, and ease-of-use to help wheather you are a blogger, small or big business. With programming expertise and a passion for elegant problem-solving, we’ll build the engine that drives your business. Do you want Content management system(CMS), Web application and Mobile Application.Softvision is here for you.


Softvision provides cloud services which includes web based services to help grow your business and domain name registration and hosting services to make it easy for you to start your business online. We also do embedded systems including automated system and research in all and or new embedded systems

Our Mission & Core Values

MISSION: Build the technological powerhouse to solve africa’s socio-economic problems and enable growth 

VISION: Use technology to solve all or almost all of Africa’s social or economic challenges and to be fully or fairly represented in every country that is a major player in contributing to africa’s economic growth


We believe weaving integrity into the core fabric of the company will help imbibe it in all members and as such project what the company stands for. We also look forward to working with partners with a strong belief in integrity. We never sway away from the principles we believe in.


At softvision, we believe in coming up with the best solution to problems using the least of resources available. As such we encourage members of the team to think through problems and provide out of the box solutions and this means solutions that are simple enough yet reliable and best for the given situation.


We believe in working to the best of our abilities to provide the best of services to our customers, we believe in being outstanding. We believe in being the best in what we do and that is evident in the way the company seeks to hire and work with the best in every field it finds itself. We believe in giving our all to provide the perfect solution.


We believe no two things can be the same, and as such there are different perspectives to everything. That is why softvision believes there should be diversity of beliefs, ideas, approaches and any other values that calls for it. It is part of our mission to make sure diversity is reflected in every endeavor of ours. Softvision represents diversity and exhibits it anywhere there is the need to

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